August & September Open session availability.

Open sessions are great for people who want to play but can’t get a big group together, you join in with other people. Normally we have around 20 to 26 playing on a open session. Costs £10 per player and you need to be over the age of 7 to play. Booking essential, please pop us an email, message through Facebook or you can call 07760312428.

At the time of writing this (21/7/21) we have the following available to book.

UPDATED 30/8/21

Friday 23rd of July 4.30 to 6.30

Friday 30th of July at 11am to 1pm

Saturday 31st of July 2pm to 4pm

Wednesday 4th of August 11-1

Friday 6th of August 12pm to 2pm

Tuesday 10th of August 10am to 12pm

Wednesday 11th of August 11am to 1pm

Sunday 15th of August 10am to 12pm

Tuesday 17th of August 10am to 12pm

Thursday 19th of August 1pm to 3pm (small taggers left only)

Monday 23rd of August at 11am to 1pm

Wednesday 25th of August 2pm to 4pm

Saturday 28th of August 10am to 12pm

Sunday 29th of August 10am to 12pm

Tuesday 31st of August 2pm to 4pm

Sunday 12th of September 1pm to 3pm

Sunday 26th of September 10am to 12pm

There will be more added as we go through the weeks, we take take bookings during weekdays too.