Laser Combat, Taggers & Game modes.

With laser combat equipment you can shoot an opponent from around 300 meters accurately if you use the scope. When you shoot someone’s head sensor the gun will sound “ow”, you then have a 0.25 second delay before you can shoot or get shot again. When a player gets shot 10 times the gun will say “medic, medic, man down, man down” you are then out for the remainder of that game. We play a range of games in a 2 hour session.  Everyone receives a full safety briefing before playing, allowing you to familiarise yourself with your MP5 weapon, listen to the mission, discuss tactics with your team then its GO, GO, GO!!!!

Team tactics are critical, progress through the combat zone, provide covering fire for your team mates, act as a lone sniper, or take the glory on a suicidal run! What is your mission? Will your team win?

Dress Code: Please dress appropriate to the weather conditions for outdoor games, we are on a field. We recommend that old long sleeve tops and trousers with fastened trainers, shoes or wellies. NO FLIP FLOPS. Gloves in winter are recommended.

Our guns fire harmless infra red beams similar to that used by your tv remote.

What Laser Taggers you will use.

The guns you will be using is the MP5 or the XM7

The MP5

The MP5 is the ultimate field choice for everyone 13 years and older. The gun is equipped with triple head sensors for 360 degree hit accuracy.

The MP5 was designed with help from Special Forces team operators, ensuring it is both light and agile allowing for quick and accurate.

The guns are fitted with a real red dot scope allowing you to fire the safe infra red beam with incredible accuracy.

The guns are fitted with a speaker system, simulating gunfire sounds at up to 450 rounds per minute, advising when you have been taken out the game “Medic, Medic, Man Down, Man Down”

The XM7

Lightweight high quality unit suitable for all ages. (Under 12’s must use this due to the size and weight) The unit is very robust being built from high grade alloy and weighs in at the incredibly light weight of just 1.3kg.  The guns are also fitted with a real red dot scope allowing you to fire the safe infra red beam with incredible accuracy

Laser Combat Game modes

Team Deathmatch – Your unit for this mission are Special Forces.  The briefing is simple “Total elimination of the enemy team”.

V.I.P – It is vital you keep your V.I.P safe, as soon as your V.I.P is out of the game your team loses. “what ever it takes to keep your V.I.P safe” VIP is identified by wearing the orange hi vis strap!!

Domination – The task is all about holding the ground occupied by the Domination Box. The lights on the box will either show blue or red depending on which team is currently holding the position. The light colours are changed by opposing players making it to the box and firing a shot down the tube and bringing up their own team colour. Once one of the teams have held the position for a pre determined time the domination Box will call out the winning team. “Red team WIN” or “Blue team WIN”

Capture The Flag – In order to demoralise the enemy your force tasked to capture the enemy flag which is flying over their base camp.  This is not an easy job as the enemy are a tough force and fight to the last man.

Free for all – No one is your friend or team member, aim of the mission is to be the last player standing. ( We cant always play this mode due to the way the taggers will be set-up for you)