Laser Combat

With laser combat equipment you can shoot an opponent from around 300 meters accurately if you use the scope. When you shoot someone’s head sensor the gun will sound “ow”, you then have a 0.25 second delay before you can shoot or get shot again. When a player gets shot 10 times the gun will say “medic, medic, man down, man down” you are then out for the remainder of that game. We play a range of games in a 2 hour session.  Everyone receives a full safety briefing before playing, allowing you to familiarise yourself with your MP5 weapon, listen to the mission, discuss tactics with your team then its GO, GO, GO!!!!

Team tactics are critical, progress through the combat zone, provide covering fire for your team mates, act as a lone sniper, or take the glory on a suicidal run! What is your mission? Will your team win?

Dress Code: Please dress appropriate to the weather conditions for outdoor games, we are on a field. We recommend that old long sleeve tops and trousers with fastened trainers, shoes or wellies. NO FLIP FLOPS. Gloves in winter are recommended.

Our guns fire harmless infra red beams similar to that used by your tv remote.

There is a covered seated area for you to enjoy your snacks and watch the games from.

No extra costs: Once you’ve paid your fee there’s nothing else to pay. Your ammo is 100% free and unlimited.

A responsible parent / carer must stay on site for the whole session if under the age of 16

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