Group booking for August and September.

We have the following dates to booking for a group booking. Group booking are £160 for up to 20 players, additional players are £8 per player. 50% deposit required to secure your booking.

To book please call 07760312428, email –, message us through Facebook.

At the time of writing this post (21/7/21) we have –

UPDATED 20/8/21

Friday 23rd of July 1-3

Sunday 25th of July 10-12

Wednesday 28th of July 11-1

Wednesday 28th of July 2-4

Thursday 29th of July 11-1

Thursday 29th 2-4

Tuesday 3rd of August 12-2

Friday 6th of August 12-2

Wednesday 11 of August 11-1

Wednesday 11th of August 2-4

Thursday 12 of August 11-1

Thursday 12th of August 2-4

Friday 13th of August 11-1

Friday 13th of August 2-4

Wednesday 18th of August 11-1

Wednesday 18th of August 2-4

Thursday 19th of August 10-12

Saturday 21st of August 10-12

Monday 23rd of August 11-1

Monday 23rd of August 2-4

Tuesday 24th of August 1-3

Wednesday 25th of August 11-1

Wednesday 25th of August 2-4

Thursday 26th of August 11-1

Thursday 26th of August 2-4

Friday 27th of August 11-1

Friday 27th of August 2-4

Saturday 28th of August 10am to 12pm

Sunday 29th of August 10-12

Monday 30th of August 11-1

Monday 30th of August 2-4

Tuesday 31st of August 11-1

Tuesday 31st of August 2-4

Saturday 4th of September 10-12

Sunday 5th of September 11-1

Saturday 11th of September 10-12

Saturday 11th of September 1-3

Sunday 12th of September 10-12

Sunday 12th of September 1-3

Saturday 25th of September 10-12

Sunday 26th of September 1-3